Cabinet Hardware and Door Hardware Makes a Quick and Easy Remodel

When people are interested in remodeling their houses, they spend months drawing up plans, shopping for appliances and fixtures, cabinet hardware or counter tops, picking out tub, faucets and accessories that will highlight the house. The ability to purchase beautiful styles and finishes of cabinet hardware and fixtures used to be restricted to those who could afford to spend a lot of money on their renovation. But, with the influx of new manufacturers, high fashion design is attainable for individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Many companies can offer consumers both unique style with gorgeous finish and a great price.

Remodeling your Kitchen

Before remodeling your kitchen, research and take pictures of your dream cooking space. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen cabinets and if they are made of real wood, you may want to cut down cost and paint them yourself instead of replacing them. Older cabinets usually have more character and are more durable than the newer ones. If your cabinet needs to be totally replaced, then you can cut costs by ordering unfinished kitchen cabinets and painting them yourself. When choosing paint, ask your local paint store for a primer that sticks to a laminate surface. In addition, decorative crown molding can give kitchen cabinets a polished professional look.

Always a quick and easy update to older cabinets is refreshing them with new cabinet hardware, handles or knobs. Just switching out the worn and dingy to a newer modern style can make the cooking space feel so much fresher.

Floor in kitchen are subject to a lot of abuse over the same area. Instead of replacing floors, sanding and stripping can help the floor look more beautiful again especially when painted with high gloss enamel which will give the wood a new finish. Imperfections on old flooring can be covered with a lovely rug. Install new window curtains to change the look of a kitchen. Change your lighting by changing the ceiling fixtures, bulbs or lamps. Changing the lighting can create a whole new look and can even make the kitchen look larger. Where space is at a premium, look for creative storage options.

Remodeling the Bathroom

Select faucets and door hardware that are within scale of other elements in the room. If you are putting in a kitchen sink, carefully consider fixtures. As you choose the faucet for your bathroom project, make sure your bath accessories are available in that same style and finish to keep the personality you brought to the room consistent. Unique showerheads and shower systems continue to grow in popularity and can also bring customization to your bathroom.

Again, keep the styling and finish compatible with other fixtures in the room whenever possible. Research a product’s quality. A pretty faucet is not pretty if it leaks or does not operate smoothly. Buy components that ensure a long-lasting, reliable product because you don’t want to renovate that same room next. Shop around for the styling and finish you prefer and then compare prices with other brands that offer a similar style.

The choices available to you for your home remodeling project are endless. Make sure you bring out your personality with the unique projects. Create a beautiful room with great styling and design.

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Some Guidelines to Maintain Garage Door Hardware

A garage door is an important factor in the house which makes a home more safe and secure. Thus the quality of it is of utmost importance. A good garage gate must be classy, should be able to function well, be pliable and most importantly well protected.

Actually it is made up of many integral parts. There are a lot of hinges and struts in it which help to make it function smoothly while opening and closing. So it is very vital to maintain your garage-door in excellent working condition. Selecting the perfect garage door hardware using the right material is an important factor in maintaining your garage door.

One of the best materials that can be used to make your garage door is steel. The greatest advantage is that it is long lasting. Most steel garage doors have life long guarantee and are rust proof. Even though you do have to repaint and regularly maintain it, the inner layer will be totally rust resistant which is extremely advantageous.

The other materials that can be used are wood, fiber glass and even aluminum doors. Every material has both plus and minus points to its credit and your choice of material will depend on your budget and suitability.

Most people feel that metallic doors are not very pleasing to the eye, but with the modern technologies, you can get such doors with even a wooden finish or any other finish that you desire. This will help you to match your door theme with the entire plan of your home itself. You can also choose any color you want for the door which emanates what ever look you want.

Wood is the next best choice of material for your garage door. The advantages of wooden doors are that they are extremely adaptable and excellent in design and class. The materials you can chose from include oak, pine, mahogany, cedar and the list is endless.

Whatever material that you choose, maintenance is the key to having a good garage-door. The main criteria that go into its smooth functioning are the hardware that you select for it. So remember to take some time research well to select the hardware after as this is what will make it function well for a lifetime.

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Home Improvement Ideas – Trendy Door Hardware

When looking for new home improvement ideas, many homeowners revert back to the classic ideas. Although purchasing a new couch or a new dining room table will certainly make a difference to the look of your home, this could be an extremely costly and time consuming process if it’s not completely necessary. If you want to update the look and feel of your home quickly and easily, there are tons of solutions available to you. Many homeowners forget about the details that lie within every single room of their home. Although you may not notice them now, by paying a little extra attention, you can add some interesting and exciting detail into a room that will completely update your décor.

One major aspect of our homes that we often overlook is the doors. Doors give the first impression to not only your home itself, but every other room inside of it. In order to see the carefully planned design of your room, a visitor must first see the door that hides it. Considering the addition of new door hardware can give your rooms a new and updated look. Not only will the installation of new door hardware pull together the look and feel of your room itself, by coordinating small details like these, you’ll be giving your entire home a coordinated vibe.

New door handles are a great place to start. If you’re looking to give your home a trendier feel, playing with interesting door handle ideas could be just the solution you need. With hundreds of styles, colors, and materials available to you, you can find a door handle for any style home. Whether you are interested in achieving that trendy look within your home, or you’re just looking to add a little extra detail to your doors – new door hardware can make the impact that you desire.

Another great option is replacing current, round door handles with door levers. Not only do these give off a more modern and more sophisticated feel, they could be the small detail your room needs to give it that updated and pulled together look. Even if you’re not a home improvement expert, home renovation doesn’t have to come strictly with large, time consuming projects. Installing new door hardware could be the perfect option for you if you’re interested in testing the waters of home renovation. With the requirement of very few tools and little to no clean up time, installing new door handles or door levers gives you the opportunity to make a change to your home without having to call upon costly outside labor.

If you considering replacing your doors altogether, settling for boring door hardware is like getting a brand new dining room table, and then covering it in an old, unsightly tablecloth. By complimenting new pieces within your home by focusing in on their details, you’ll be able to accomplish and pulled together, trendy look within your home. By installing new door handles on your new door, you’ll be making an already great piece even greater.

Regardless of whether you’re considering redoing an entire room, or just looking for interesting new home improvement ideas to implement into your space, door hardware is the perfect finishing touch on any project. As previously mentioned, the door is the ultimate first impression on any space. Even if your room is beautifully designed, if your door hardware isn’t on point – your amazing décor could be hindered by this small detail. By taking doors into consideration when updating the look of your home, you can be sure that you will achieve a finished and pulled together look worth showing off.

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Hoosier Cabinet Catch Stands Up For the Quality of Hoosier Products

Hoosier cabinet is a household name in the early twentieth century. This name was taken from the manufacturer Hoosier Manufacturing Co. It is famous because it is an all-in-one convenient cabinet. All its parts, including the Hoosier cabinet door catch is made from good quality of products that lasts for many years.

The Hoosier cabinet also known as a Hoosier Beauty is a cabinet with a height of 71 inches including its wheels and a width of 41 inches. This cabinet is composed of three areas; these are the base area, the top area and the bottom area. The top part has small drawers with doors and a large lower compartment which houses the roll-top or tambour. The base section on the other hand, is made up of one huge compartment which contains the slide-out shelf and the other half of it contains many drawers as well. The bottom part is connected with the top area and is joined by metal channels. These metals are used to direct the sliding countertop, which also has drawers connected to it, in its position.

Aside from the intricately designed cabinet, there are also accessories associated with it. These are the kitchen equipments which are either installed or built in with the cabinet. Among these are the racks for the spices and other accessories in cooking. There is also a flour-bin/sifter which can be used even without removing these equipments from its position. There is also a sugar bin that comes with the cabinet. Glass jars are made to fit the spaces and made it look like the present built-in stuffs. These jars have a ring mold found in its center and is attached to a rack. Glassware sets include the coffee, cream and sugar canisters as well as a salt container and a set of uniform spice jars. Other manufacturers include a cracker jar while other manufacturers also include necessary charts and tables regarding the most frequent conversions used in the kitchen, recipes or cookbooks and other household tips.

The Hoosier cabinet doors have 3 large latches with the letter ‘H’ engraved on it. The H symbolizes the name of the manufacturer. These days are still some other manufacturers who sell Hoosier items. One of these is the Hoosier cabinet door catch and latch set. This has a brass finish and a size of 1 ¼ inches width by 2 inches height and ¾ inches projection when the ring lift is closed. It is usually sold per set so it is best to change both the latch and catch if ever one is damaged. It has one latch and two catches where one catch is used for flush application while the other one is for a 3/8 inches offset. This type of catch set is used in Hoosier cabinets like Naponee and Wilson. Also included in the package is the mounting hardware.

Another item which is also being sold is the Hoosier lift style door latch. Unlike the other product, this has a nickel finish with a size of 1 ¼ inches width, 2 inches height and a projection of ¾ inches and is sold separately. This is a ring style lift handle which is applicable to any type of Hoosier cabinet but more particularly for the Sellers and Wilson types. The mounting hardware is also included with the package.

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A Quick Solution for Door Knob Holes

Doesn’t it seem like doors can sometimes just swing open at the faintest touch? And what’s left over? An unsightly doorknob hole. Whether you have kids running around your house on a daily basis, or a clumsy bone in your body, you need a quick solution to repair pesky doorknob holes in drywall. Continue reading to learn just that!

What You’ll Need:

Self-Adhesive Mesh
Drywall Knife
Utility Knife
Lightweight Joint Compound
Sanding Sponge
Dust Mask
Safety Goggles
Drywall Saw
Latex Primer
Drop Cloth

You can purchase all of the above tools and supplies at any local home improvement or hardware store at a reasonable price. But for small holes like those caused by doorknobs, you can also purchase a patch kit. Just ask a store representative for help locating one that’s right for your drywall repair project. Look below for a simple guide to patching a doorknob hole in your drywall.

Step 1

Later drop cloth on the floor beneath your work area. This will catch all of the loose dust and debris.

Step 2

Use your utility knife to scrape away any access debris along the edges of the hole.

Step 3

Apply the self-adhesive mesh patch on top of the hole.

Step 4

Use your drywall knife to apply the lightweight joint compound over the self-adhesive mesh patch. Use a crisscross pattern to ensure full and even coverage. Taper the edges as you go to blend the compound into the wall. To spread thinner coats of joint compound, simply increase the amount of pressure you use.

Step 5

Allowed the drywall joint compound to dry completely.

Step 6

Apply another coat of your lightweight joint compound.

Step 7

Once the compound is completely dry again, use your sanding sponge to smooth it all out into an even surface. This may take a few attempts to achieve a smooth-enough surface.

Time to Finish the Job!

Once you have finished sanding the dried joint compound, you are ready to prime and paint. Be sure to use a quality primer and paint, and also be sure that your paint color matches the existing color on your wall. A store representative can help you match your existing wall color, since it can be hard to do on your own. Sometimes a color chart displays a different shade than the one that appears once your paint has dried. Avoid this with some forethought.

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Handy Items Offer Quick Repairs Around The House

Strolling through your favorite hardware or home improvement store can be a lesson in ingenuity and provide the average homeowner with a wealth of widgets, gadgets and products that can save time, trouble and money on your next repair project. Many small inexpensive items have been developed to assist the homeowner in completing their next project in record time. They range from small metal parts that are used to repair a hole in a wall or ceiling to painting and electrical troubleshooting. We will examine what is available to the homeowner of today so that they can put these time saving products to work and spend more time having fun instead of working all weekend!

Repairing Drywall

The Insta-Back clips are a clever little metal clip that is slipped into the edges of a hole in a gypsum board wall or ceiling, the repair panel is then put in place. Screws are used to secure the panel in place, the tabs are bent back and removed leaving the surface ready to patch with tape and spackle or drywall mud. They are inexpensive though worth many times over their cost in time savings alone. This product is made by Construction Materials and are found in most home improvement centers and hardware stores for around $2.09 to $3.00 for a package of six and come with screws right in the package.

Wet & Set repair patch manufactured by Hyde Tools is another hole patching tool and all you need to do is to cut the patch to size and dip the patch into a pail of warm water, let drip and apply to the wall. Then just let the patch dry for thirty minutes and cover with your favorite patch material. They are available in a 4×4 or 6×6 inch sizes and can be found at your local hardware or home improvement center, they retail for $4.49 to $5.99 each depending on size. These patches take a little longer than the Insta-Back clips but the advantage is you do not need a piece of drywall to fill the hole and they can be used on rounded surfaces.

Installing a Ceiling Fan

All fans are installed in a similar manner and rely on the utilitarian ceiling box for support of the fan during operation. Each manufacturer requires a fan-rated or reinforced ceiling box for their products to be installed safely. This is easer said than done! However there is a new product that is on the market that promises to alleviate the problems associated with this critical installation step. The FAN-EZE product installs through the existing ceiling box itself in 2 minutes or less and is installed with common hand tools. It comes with all the hardware right in the package and is made by EE Products Inc. This product allows the ceiling box to be able to carry loads that are above that of fan-rated ceiling boxes, and best of all it is consumer friendly. The cost of this time saving product is $3.60 each and will allow a ceiling fan to be installed in less than an hour from start to finish.


A new product has been developed and released to the general public that mimics what has been available to industry for the last 10 years with commercial grade adhesives. Simpson has released an epoxy product that mixes in the barrel as it is extruded from the nozzle. All you have to do is squeeze the trigger and position the adhesive as it exits the nozzle, that’s it. What is unique about this product is no special gun or fixture is required as the tube has been designed to fit in a standard caulking gun. The mess and bother that has plagued the two part epoxy systems is now a thing of the past. The Epoxy Tie system is available in a 1.7 and 10 fluid oz. sizes and retails for approximately $9.35 to $17.29 depending on which size you choose.

Not to be out done by anyone is 3M and their line up of ingenious no-mar type of adhesive solutions for applying hooks and other hardware to wall surfaces. These products are the Command Strips and allow the products to be placed on the wall and removed without leaving a residue, hole or mar of any kind to the wall surface. All that is needed to place the product is remove the protective adhesive strip cover and press it against the wall wherever you wish to hang that favorite painting or picture. What could be easier? To remove them slide the hook up and off of the anchor, then pull down on an elastic tab until the anchor is released. This product will be especially helpful to apartment dwellers that wish to decorate their apartments and are now free to express themselves without worrying about what the landlord will think when they move out. These products are available in a host of sizes and styles and retail for approximately $1.99 to $3.88 depending on size and configuration and can be found at most any hardware or home improvement center.

Super Glue Corporation has a patch material that can be used with practically any household material, plastic, metal, rubber, wood and fiberglass. This patch material is an adhesive patch that cures with sunlight or quicker with a cure lamp. You simply clean the area where the patch is to be installed and peel the adhesive cover off and press it into place. This patch would be handy to repair a hole in a gutter, or a garage door or even a skylight. The patch is a 6×3 inch sheet that retails for approximately $8.00. If your home improvement center or hardware store does not carry this brand there are other similar products on the market. Just read the label and make sure it is suitable for your intended application.

Frame Construction

For construction of a deck, an addition or maybe just a framing repair can be accelerated with the use of Simpson Strong Tie plates and brackets. The use of these stamped metal products increase the strength of the framing and are required for many framing tasks. The use of seismic or hurricane ties is required by just about all building codes across the country and are just a sample of what they manufacture. They make a myriad of products that are useful for just about any framing anchoring or connector need. These products will speed the completion of your next framing project so don’t hesitate to look at the selection you are bound to find a product that suits your need.

These products are usually found in larger home improvement centers, hardware stores and lumber yards. The cost for these components varies with the product so just take your time and find the right components for your project.

Cabinetry & Hardware Repairs

Today’s cabinets have been subjected to labor and cost cutting measures for several years. Much of the cabinet construction is now handled by hardware components, things like guides, rollers and stops are now metal and plastic where they were traditionally made from wood. So when that roller or guide breaks don’t forget to look at the cabinet hardware section of your favorite home improvement center for a replacement. Home depot has a large selection so make it your first stop when looking for these components.

For smaller brackets, tie plates and reinforcement products and cabinet hardware check out the products manufactured by Stanley. The have a long tradition of providing quality hardware and tools that stretches back to 1843. They also have a large selection of hinges, striker plates, door knockers and other hardware as well so you are bound to find that item you need. The selection and cost of these components varies with the product but all are reasonable and will save you time and trouble.

Electrical Repairs

Nothing strikes fear into the average homeowner like an electrical problem. The good news is that there are a host of products that make the troubleshooting easier for the average homeowner. Gardner Bender makes a line of circuit testing products for receptacles and ground fault interrupted outlets. All you have to do is pug the tester into the socket and read the light display on the tester. The testers have a chart right on them that will tell you what the problem is so you can decide if you wish to tackle the problem or call in an electrician. These testers retail for $5.99 to $7.98 depending on which model you choose and are an inexpensive first step before deciding to call in a pro. For the more skilled or adventuresome they also make a simple twin probe circuit tester, the neon light type that can be used to tell if a receptacle or circuit is hot (current present) and also if the polarity of the receptacle is correct. These simple twin probe testers can be bought for about $3.00 to $5.00 dollars each depending on features and are a bargain by any measure. Almost all hardware stores, home improvement centers or lumber yard will stock these items.

For those that wish to finish their basement, attic or are adding a room to their house may want to look at the products being offered by Carlon. They have a line of plastic nail-on outlet, ceiling and receptacle boxes that are easy to install and offer time savings over the conventional metal products. The added advantage to these products is that do not need to be grounded since they are plastic and insulate the electrical wires inside of the box itself. Outlet boxes are inexpensive and can be found for as little as 21¢ when on sale. For ceiling boxes they sell in the 98¢ to $1.10 range depending on size and features. Carlon is one of the largest of the box manufacturers so you can find their products just about anywhere where home improvement and lumber products are sold.

Porcelain Fixture Repair

The next time you drop that heavy object on you porcelain tub, sink or fixture and see that chip go flying off into the sunset, don’t despair Kit Industries with their Porc-a-Fix touch up glaze product has you covered. They have a large range of standard colors to choose from to match your sink or fixture and are applied by simply brushing the product on until the chip is filled. The standard colors retail for approximately $4.97 for a small bottle and are available in custom colors to match just about any need. Larger home improvement centers will carry these products but if you have trouble finding them just type porc-a-fix into your favorite search engine and a website that will serve your needs will pop up.


Is probably the most common home improvement project that homeowners will tackle? The good news is there are so many products that make it easier to paint your house than ever before. Foam Pro has a host of products that will make your job quicker and ease the clean-up afterwards. They have a whole range of disposable foam brushes and rollers and an ingenious new pour spout that clips on to the top of a one gallon can. This handy pour spout also has a brush edge to clean off your favorite brush since so many homeowners use the paint can as their paint bucket. This product sells for approximately 75¢ so include it with your next painting project.

The prep work prior to painting can be one of the most tedious chores about this type of project, cleaning the walls, patching the holes and cracks in walls seem endless. For holes Painters Nail Hole Filler has you covered, they manufacture a 4.5 fluid oz. squeeze tube of nail hole filler that you just place over the hole, squeeze and wipe away the excess in one easy motion. It retails for approximately $6.50 each. This product is sold at most of the home improvement centers and has the same name as the company.

Most of the walls and ceilings in peoples home today are textured from an orange peel to a knock down finish. Acoustic ceilings were popular some years ago but all of them pose a problem when a repair has been made and they lack the surface texturing. Matching the texture has been difficult in the past since it required commercial equipment to apply these surface finishes properly. Homax provides an easy solution to this problem with a line of finishes that span all of the popular textures of yesterday and today and are packaged in a convenient 10 or 12 fluid oz. spray can. These products are known collectively as Easy Touch and can be found in most all hardware and home centers. They retail for between $9.00 & $10.00 and are quick and inexpensive solution to this once difficult task.

Aqua-Tainer Co. is one of those companies that staked their future on offering inexpensive products that provide real value. Their products will make your next painting project easier, cleaner and quicker if you choose to make use of their of their various product offerings. One of the biggest mistakes the average homeowner makes when starting a painting project is using the one gallon paint can as a paint bucket when they start the cutting-in process. The bucket is heavy and exposes the paint to the air and starts the drying process right in the can even before much of the paint has been applied. It also contributes to fatigue having to carry this heavy container of paint around. The paint can does a very poor job of cutting off the excess paint on the brush so you should avoid making this mistake. They have very good solution for this problem with their Trim & Cut-In cup it holds about a pint of paint and has a cut-off edge made right into the cup. It is light enough so that holding the cup will produce little if any fatigue and if it is dropped only a small amount of paint is lost and will be much easier to clean up. This product retails for $1.98 on average. They also have another handy product with their P-38 five gallon bucket opener. It has been designed to open metal or plastic buckets and is a handy tool to use when you are handling these size containers. The best part is that it sells for only $3.97 and will save you the hassle of wrestling with opening these containers so the cost is more than worth it.

If the last two products were not enough they make a product called Carpet Shields each package comes with six three foot pieces for eighteen feet total of reusable shields. They are a masking strip that is inserted between the carpeting and the wall and protects the carpet and moldings from paint splatter or an over zealous paint brush. They retail for an unbelievable low price of only $2.87 for all six pieces. Buy several and be done with it, again most of the major home centers and hardware stores will carry these products.

I hope this stroll through your favorite home improvement center has been useful and informative. I have learned of many of these products through trial and error through the years and I find myself prowling the aisles of home centers just to stay abreast of the latest offerings. The advantage of using many of these low cost items is the time and hassle you save which relate to a less stressful project which can sometimes make the difference between success and failure.

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